Most of the areas in Pakistan are devastated in the floods which were near to the rivers or even some are areas which were safe from the water but the levels of the flood grew so high that they were also badly damaged. According to the United Nations survey report the number of people suffering from the massive floods in Pakistan could exceed the combined total in three recent mega disasters(the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti Earth quake). This shows the seriousness of the damage that our nation has to bear on its shoulders.

Families, homes, businesses, crops, animal farms and all the development that was done in the past years in the areas was destroyed in the flood. People in areas of SWAT are one of the most effected people and the problem is that they don’t even have shelter to live. It was told by a local person in Totakan in Malakand Agency of SWAT Paktun Khawa that the water level rose up to 60 to 70 feet high when the flood came. The research shows that it was the damming effect created by the tree logs when they got stuck with the bridges. This disrupted the flow of the water and made the water rise to levels that no one could even imagine. This phenomenon made the water spread to the areas even which were at a safe distance from the river.

First Relief Organized

In the first phase Qadir Nagar Trust conducted a small research to find the most affected area where no one has been able to give the relief goods. The result was the area of Totakan which is in Malakand Agency (SWAT) where many people had lost their shelter completely.

Second phase consisted of arranging the goods. The trust arranged around 120 packages of different food items and 60 packages of some general items. Following are the details of the items of a single food and general pack.

Food Items (rice, sugar, wheat flour, bread, biscuits, 6 packs of Oral Hydration Salts and tea)
General Items (soap, towel, clothes, torch light, pair of slippers for 2 people)

Now the last phase was distribution of goods to the needy people that was taken up by the students of the Qadir Nagar Inter-Science College. Mr. M Nawaz Tishna (Member Qadir Nagar Trust) and 14 students participated in the distribution along with 4 teachers. The goods were taken to Totakan on 27th August (Friday). The team left from Qadir Nagar at 11.45 AM and reached at Totakan around 5.30 PM. The packages were distributed in 4 sites where 2 were relief camps and two were the pair homes where the people were living with some of their belongings. People were very surprised and they welcomed our team with great respect.

The students of Qadir Nagar Inter Science College were very active and they worked very hard to distribute accordingly so that no one was left. It was a job well done. The packages were given from door to door by the students which is not seen anywhere because most of the people just drop of the relief at one location which rises problems in the distribution. This was a unique technique that was used by the students which made the transfer of goods very organized. The students were very happy about their progress and they had a very nice experience of some community service. After releasing the relief goods the team returned Qadir Nagar around 11.30 PM and the trip came to an end.

Now you can see the documentary of this event by clicking on the Qadir Nagar Trust Channel button in the toolbar at bottom of your browser. Qadir Nagar Trust has plans to arrange more relief so if you want to contribute you can contact us. With your contribution we will be able to provide aid to more of our Pakistani brothers and sisters and save their lives as they don't have any other options available. You can see the account number on the right side and if you have any questions you can contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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