Though apparently Qadir Nagar seems to be an Aastana, a Hermitage, as the name suggests living place of Qadir or permanent residence of Hazrat Qibla Ubaid Ullah Khan Durrani (Baba Jan Qibla), for some people it may be a summer resort of Baba Jan Qibla but in actuality it was, it is and it shall be for times to come The Darbar-E-Khas of Baba Jan Qibla. Every plant, every stone, any thing and all that is there have a specific meaning and purpose.

Let us have a general look, the area of Qadir Nagar begins from the foot of the mountain which closes the valley in which Pir baba Sahib and Batai village are situated, you have to climb the mountain road and take several long turns before you enter Qadir Nagar valley, which is cup shaped, from the middle a large khwar (mountain stream) crosses all along, on the right side of Khwar Qadir Nagar is situated.

The first construction you come across is Wali Mosque on its right is Qalander house and in between a stream of crystal clear water a few yards ahead is a banyan tree and yet a little further a small delicate gate with sign board saying no entry without permission, while walking on the track moving in on your left you see beautiful flowers and further ahead huge rocks, you move 25 to 30 steps now on your right is Mehfil Khana and on your left the ground level is 20 to 25 ft deep and there is a huge Gooler Tree at least 150 feet high, this plant is the child of the Gooler tree of Hazrat Sabir Kaliar Sharif ( strange enough to note that the parent tree is just 25 feet high and the child is 150 ft). Right in front is a huge rock on which a cemented plate is visible saying “ Qadir Nagar – 1963 – 3260 ft height” The track moves on both sides of this rock, the left one goes to Work Shop and the right one goes to the spring of Bismillah across the verandah of Mehfil Khana, the top of this vertical rock is flattened with cement and is used as a prayer place and before construction of mosque Azaan used to be delivered from here.

You turn right and take a few steps you are in the verandah of Mehfil Khana whose side is open into a large courtyard type of area now leveled into open space which was once rocks and ditches, to one side is mountain wall almost vertical in beginning and then inclines out, you lift your head and as long as you can see its mountain. In the base between flat area and the mountain there is a stream of water coming from powerhouse which is right in front of you where a small 1.5 KW hydro electric power unit is installed which provide enough lighting for the whole area.

Beside power house a track goes with a little gradient and on your left you can see the cactus house, and passes beside 40 steps stair case of Baba Jan Qibla’s residence and yet a little ahead on your left is a garden with beautiful lilies and some rare succulents and on your right is Malang house you go ahead and you can join the main walk way.

While still being in the courtyard if you don’t go towards cactus house and take the track on your extreme left, it goes through a little wider space towards work shop and from there curves towards right and you climb a little now on your left is a very large vertical rock, whose top is again flattened with cement and a wide proper staircase is provided for going on the platform built on top of this rock this is the flag post for the Qadria flag. You don’t go up and you are still standing at the feet of this rock, you go ahead and now you are passing under very tall Araucaria trees you cross this portion and the space narrows and a 1.5 yard wide track remains and on your right a cemented track is branched, which goes to Maikhana and from their a curly stair case rises to Baba Jan’s residence.
You don’t turn right and go straight ahead and climb a little on your left is Haroon house and from your right the way goes towards kitchen (Langar Khana) and there is a beautiful pond with gold fish in it. Don’t turn any where and proceed further on your left is Ahmad Niazi house, track keeps on going higher and higher all through the way on your right are Orchids of Grape fruits, Orange, Peaches, Apples, plumbs and apricots. The track moves along these Orchids and takes you right up to the Mazar Sharif newly built at the place previously known as Summer house.

The beautiful lovely topography, lush green trees and plants and the arrangement and architecture of buildings mixing with nature in such a spontaneous manner that one is compelled to think whether the nature adjusted itself in accordance with the architectural plan or a master Architect planned according to the nature, or was it somebody who could see Qadir Nagar and build step by step accordingly?

The people who go to Switzerland for vacations say, “ If you have not visited Qadir Nagar at least once you have not seen any thing in the world”

Content provided by Maqbool Ahmad Pasha

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